For us, sponsorship is all about enabling unique experiences and helping make meaningful and entertaining projects a reality – projects that interest and engage our customers’ target groups. By venturing to fully sponsor the target group’s interests and working together with the right partners, we can create perfect arenas in which your brand can be experienced, which can generate new key benefits for your company’s operations.

At UMG, we help you to identify and acquire the right sponsorship rights for your particular brand. We take over the sponsorship for your entire business, ensuring a high level of usage and all the necessary activity for you to exceed your objectives.

To date, our work has involved national and international sponsorship rights for events such as the Olympic Games, the European Football Championship, Formula 1, DreamHack, Skistar and Städa Sverige for our clients.



Customer: TeliaSonera Sverige AB

UMG has been working with Telia and its gaming and sponsorship initiative, DreamHack (the world’s biggest LAN- and computer festival), since 2007. This sponsorship has developed into a “perfect match” between organiser and sponsor, and created a strong win-win situation for both partners. The organiser needs Telia to deliver the unique experience for its visitors. It benefits from an ever-growing event, while Telia is getting the opportunity to test new technology and train in various critical operating situations in the area of running large-scale networks and security. Telia also gets to be associated with one of the strongest brands for the target group within the gaming industry. A “LAN party” has, in a short period of time, become the world’s biggest computer festival.


Help us to clean up your beach

Customer: Coca-Cola

In the summer of 2011, 124 sports associations around the country set about cleaning up Sweden’s beaches – from Piteå Havsbad in the north to Ribbersborg in Malmö. This initiative by Coca-Cola was carried out in collaboration with Städa Sverige and us here at UMG. The results were fantastic, with satisfied participants, brilliant sales figures and more than fifty tonnes of rubbish gathered. The campaign was promoted across all channels – in-store, print and digital – as well as on the beaches, which offered barbeques, swimming and entertainment.


We are a Nordic Brand Communication agency focusing on creating brand experiences as key ways to effectively communicate and better business.

For us at UMG the combination of Creativity and Quality is essential, which is why we put so much resources into ensuring that our team is our most important asset. Our pragmatic approach stems from wanting to be the best and not necessarily the biggest.

UMG currently has offices in Stockholm and Öresund with 45 employees within the group.
UMG has been awarded a Gazelle Company by Dagens industri and won awards such as ESA Excellence Awards, Cannes Lions, Gyllene Hjulet and Spinn.